Kinco 901 Frost Breaker

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Gloves - Clubbie

Medium and Large sizes in stock

The best way to describe this glove ? Its like the standard Kinco every clubbie wears, but its way way tougher. Similar basic design as the good old ”Kinco 94HK” most NZ club field riders use on rope tows, but the palm and 3 fingers (so all except pinky) have extra layer of leather on it and double heavy duty stitches.

These come pre-treated with an initial WATERPROOFING standard, and wear and tear wise will last a lot longer than the 94HK model.

Disclaimer!!!!! These are great on rope tows but please if you are then consider its the best glove for the job for the price, but nothing is completely able to take the friction, and so any glove will wear in both leather and stitching on a rope tow when you are getting on especially. So that is not covered by the warranty, only defects in materials and construction. Fair enough eh, but don’t worry you will be impressed with these.

Medium and Large and Xtra Large

Xtra Large, Large, Medium

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