Lanolin Leather Waterproofer 300g Aerosol For Kinco Gloves!

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Gloves - Clubbie

This spray on Lanolin is great to keep your Kinco gloves well proofed up, especially snowboarders gloves get pretty damp. I have personally tested this on my old beaten up Kinco’s in 2012 and its been great. A 300g can should last a lot of treatments, at least a couple of dozen or more depending on how carried away you get. To get an idea I have used approx 100g this year on my own gloves and whenever I see someone in the skifield carpark with Kinco’s I’ve been giving them a free onsite treatment! So it goes a long way.

  • Split the cost of a can between you and your mates.
  • Leather gloves and boots
  • Once rubbed in and the solvent evap’s off, the gloves are not really greasy , yes you know its on there but no different than most other leather protectors.
  • Way more economical way to do a top job of proofing your leather goods.
  • Use it as a rust preventer on bare steel to give interim protection
  • Great on car battery terminals
  • Free up loose nuts/bolts, penetrates well
  • General lubricant
  • Keep it in the car so you can give your gloves a waterproofing boost (gloves must be dry first of course)

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