2014-01-19 13.09.28Into 2014 I will continue developing the custom Splitboards I successfully prototyped and built to order from 2011-2013.

The boards are tough, my construction techniques and materials are bulletproof. The  designs will evolve but fundamentally and most important I know I can build rock solid gear; not third world rubbish but the real deal.

The designs are evolving, based around an all mountain back country versatile board, with real camber and mellow nose and tail lift, barely rocker really.

Riding NZ backcountry conditions demands gear that will work in all modes – crust, boiler plate, corn and pow. This is where the SPLITN2 board excels with its camber and stiffer flex profile making touring and riding in these variable conditions a pleasure.

Lately the boards have built are bamboo core all the way through, with 700gr triaxial glass laminates with either a plastic or alternatively innegra/glass topsheet. Basic graphics nothing flashy just burly tough.

Moving to pre-preg resin/laminate in 2014. Cedar/Ash core is still available on request.

Late 2011 I organised an epic back country mission, taking my own SPLITN2 custom Splitboards and the latest Spark R&D equipment, deep into the NZ Southern Alps for testing in extreme terrain. The trip was a great success, the 2 first Splitboards I ever built were ridden throughout the 5 day trip by locals Colin Boyd and Ruari Macfarlane. They punished the gear, putting it to the test in some seriously solid terrain, which I was stoked for.

Further testing throughout 2012, backcountry touring and in bounds riding fully tested the construction and durability. No problems at all, pretty much bullet proof.

Check out May 2012  NZ Snowboarder Magazine Wilderness Rider,  a great read. I am not afraid to share the feedback from the lads, all of it good and bad, as they were my first snowboards I ever built full stop and they were tested in some pretty massive terrain. Tackling a splitboard build is way way more complex than a solid snowboard or ski. Getting it right first time with aspects like a full inside edge dead stright and with a very light tough construction, ridden and proven in some pretty heavy conditions – yeah I’m stoked!!! I knew some areas were lacking, too stiff, unfinished sidewalls, but they got the tick. I have a benchmark to work to and I have my systems sorted. Bring it on!

Colins board review here….

And Colin puts a great story together too about the trip from his point of view here ….. https://colinboyd.wordpress.com/2012/06/26/splitboarding-in-new-zealands-remote-southern-alps/

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