SPLITN2 DIY Splitboard


We will split the board you supply with waterjet cut , position/drill/epoxy the inserts and mount up the pucks, tip/tail clips and chinese hooks (you need to separately purchase these components from SPLITN2). Precision fitting of proper snowboard/ski edge on the inside cut edge, and finally the inside edge sidewall sealed with thinned epoxy.

This service is priced very very low, as an incentive to first time Splitboarders. It is only available to customers who purchase from SPLITN2 new Spark R&D bindings, and the necessary splitboard interface parts and skins and climbing wires, at the same time as the DIY. Doing a DIY will save you a lot of money and provide you with a very useful back country touring Splitboard.

Making a DIY Splitboard is a slightly risky business, so unfortunately its all care no responsibility sorry. That said I try not to screw up as its not good for my reputation eh! I’ll do my best to cut your board dead straight. Please make sure your board has a full wood core, thats important.

This is a labour intensive process and takes hours of cutting/drilling/epoxying/finishing. I will try my best to turn your board around within 3-4 weeks during the winter.

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