WP Fitwell - Italian Quality Boots

Fellow Hunters, In my 38 years of hunting with the last 20 being as a Professional hunter, I have owned most of the best brands of boots. I am proud to say that the Fitwell boots from a small Italian company that I now own and use, are by far the best in all aspects – river crossing, alpine hunting and just a damn good comfortable product. The Alpine model that I have (Spirit), far surpasses all other European boots for lightness, grip and stability that I have owned in the past and I can highly recommend that you try these boots out yourselves. Mark Harrison Lochinvar Safaris NZ alpinismo-1 SPLITN2 is proudly representing Fitwell, an Italian manufacturer of high quality boots. Whether its for Mountaineering, Trekking, Hunting or Casual; Fitwell have a boot for you. Fitwell prides itself on a very high quality product with the best materials, top workmanship, and designs to fit the purpose. These boots are sold to you direct from the New Zealand importer. For the same price of a typical "high end" mass produced boot you can have real Italian made and enjoy the benefits.
[caption id="attachment_1154" align="alignright" width="210"]Fitwell Backcountry Fitwell Backcountry[/caption] The first model to be brought into New Zealand and tested extensively was the Fitwell Backcountry (read review), a technical snowboard mountaineering boot that was designed in a collaboration between Fitwell and the guys at LIVEBACKCOUNTRY.COM. The result was a "soft boot" that is designed with Splitboarding in mind from the ground up. Available from SPLITN2 online shop here.
Fitwell manufacture a wide range of boots ideally suited to New Zealand's varied terrain and conditions, whether you are scaling high peaks in the Southern Alps, hunting Thar on the snowy tops, or chasing down pigs or deer in the bush. If you want a boot to do some tramping or trekking in, or to watch the schoolboy rugby on a filthy day and then the same boot to drive up to the ski field with, there are a number of models to fill this role. For commercial users, Fitwell manufactures boots for Forestry workers, Bush / Rural Fire Fighting, and general outdoor work boots. These boots are certified to tough European standards. The Alpine and Mountaineering boots would be ideally suited for New Zealand Search and Rescue and other similar organizations who require rugged high performance back country footwear. Please contact me if you are interested in Fitwell boots, you will find the pricing extremely attractive. Whether you are looking for an individual pair or you need commercial supply, SPLITN2 will work with you to clarfiy your requirements and fulfil your order. Please contact us here if you are interested in further information and pricing. A sample of the Fitwell models available is shown in the slideshow below. [slideshow_deploy id='1466']