As a development of the snowboard and ski construction business we have invested in CNC cutting systems. This has naturally developed a service portfolio of its own. Details of our capabilities and services offered are ............
  • The main CNC router in the workshop is a full size 2450mm x 1200mm table , >200mm z axis, with high power AC servo drives and a heavy duty HSD ATC spindle. This is capable of very accurate woodwork and plastic cutting.
  • CAD and CAM services (Fusion360) or bring your own CAD and we will machine from your design.
  • Product design assistance and advice.
  • An extensive range of tooling is available.
  • Smaller machines are going to be added to the workshop to perform more specific laser and metal machining tasks.
  • Very competitive rates.
  • Examples of work we do.....
    • Wooden moulds for composite construction and plastic vacuum forming
    • Sign cutting timber and plastics
    • Timber craft shapes
    • Profile cutting
    • Anything 2D / 3D that can be cut on a router in single or multiple parts.
    • Rifle stocks
Please bring me your designs/plans/ideas  and we can work out a solution that meets your budget and specifications. SPLITN2 CNC is partnering with Vertigo Technologies Ltd , offering a high performance NZ designed and manufactured CNC router and laser solution designed for schools, home and small business users. Please contact us if you are interested in a demonstration , we can evaluate your specific needs and provide a fully turnkey solution. Packaged training and ongoing mentoring for entry level cnc users is available as an option from SPLITN2 CNC.