Fitwell Spirit - a great boot for heading into the Alpine

January 28, 2013

In 2012 I was fortunate to meet Mark Harrison, founder and owner of Lochinvar Safaris based in Fairlie (South Canterbury). We had a family trip staying with Mark and some mutual friends. Mark generously took us out for a hunt, where we successfully bagged a couple of Fallow deer, so we've been eating well lately thats for sure.   While we hunted and in general conversation, it became clear to me that Mark and his team need the best gear they can get their hands on; whether they were chasing animals down low in the river valleys and foothills or up high stalking Thar on the alpine tops, they need high performance and durability. So I offered Mark some boots to test for me, the amount of grief a professional hunter could give them seemed the best way to really get a handle on how the boots would perform in the typically rough NZ terrain, which in terms of wear and tear is about as harsh as a boot can get. [caption id="attachment_1468" align="alignright" width="300"]Fitwell Spirit Fitwell Spirit[/caption]   The Fitwell Spirit is the first boot Mark has reported back on. Here is a brief statement from Mark on the boots; he's a man of few words, more interested in going about his business than talk about it. He sounds pretty stoked though!   Fellow Hunters,   In my 38 years of hunting with the last 20 being as a Professional hunter, I have owned most of the best brands of boots. I am proud to say that the Fitwell boots from a small Italian company that I now own and use, are by far the best in all aspects – river crossing, alpine hunting and just a damn good comfortable product. The Alpine model that I have (Spirit), far surpasses all other European boots for lightness, grip and stability that I have owned in the past and I can highly recommend that you try these boots out yourselves.   Mark Harrison Lochinvar Safaris NZ    Specifications are available here at the SPLITN2 online shop

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