NZ Snowboarder Magazine May 2012 20th Anniversary Edition - Check out SPLITN2 right through the mag!!!!!

May 12, 2012

This 56th edition is full of back country free riding, where a big part of snowboarding is heading, especially with Splitboarding gear maturing to a high performance level its now so much easier to access untracked and remote terrain (be careful get Avo trained and aware eh!).   I managed to get some mega advertising early in the mag on p26, Wilderness Riders story on p64-p69, gear guide features SPLITN2 160 Twin on p98 and Spark bindings on p102, and there is a sweet column (by ShaneO again!!) about Splitboarding in the Outer Realm on p120.   Wilderness Riders is a great story about an epic back country late 2011. I roped in back country rider Shane Orchard and we put together a crew of  8, including Colin Boyd and Ruari Macfarlane riding my own SPLITN2 splitboards, plus the whole crew of 8 were on Spark R&D Blazes!!!! 5 days and 4 nights in tents, and we got smacked over by a massive storm and got some beaut weather as well. The trip was a huge success, testing the proto splitboards in authentic New Zealand conditions and they did the job very well.   Get it and read it! WWW.NZSNOWBOARDER.CO.NZ its at magazine and book shops now and also you can get it on the iTunes AppStore.

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